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Powerex Integrated Power Module (PIPM™)


The Powerex Integrated Power Module (PIPM™) is a configurable IGBT based power platform. The PIPM is compatible with the NX-Series of Mitsubishi IGBT devices and is ideally suited for energy storage, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), motor drives, solar, wind, photovoltaics, EV and hybrid electric vehicle applications.

The power module can be mounted on various heatsinks, including both forced air and liquid cooled options dependent upon application requirements. The PIPM includes device mounted, optically isolated gate drives and isolated gate drive power supplies as well as an interface board that supports various control connection schemes/protocols and offers built-in protection features including overvoltage, under-voltage lockout, overcurrent, short circuit detection and temperature monitoring.

The PIPM is available for operation with DC bus voltages of 400 to 800VDC and switching frequencies up to 20kHz.

Product Advantages

  • Flexible customer control system interface
  • High performance IGBT’s
  • Integrated gate drive with fault monitoring and protection
  • System status LEDs for visual system feedback
  • Isolated gate drive power supplies
  • Output current measurement and feedback
  • Output voltage measurement and feedback
  • Scalable temperature feedback from within the IGBT module
  • Superior short circuit detection and shoot through prevention

Powerex Integrated Power Module Line-up Table

NOTE: -XXX in part number is reserved for customer specific heatsink and interface connection options. For specific part number assignment please call 724-925-7272 Option 2 (Product Technical Assistance).

Simplified Block Diagram

For more information:
phone: 724-925-7272, Option 3 (Applications Engineering Assistance)


  • 3-phase inverter
  • Converter
  • Chopper
  • Half or full bridge
  • Power supply


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