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DC-DC Converters Universal Gate Drive Prototype Board GAU208P-15252

DC-DC Converters

Powerex DC-DC converters are on board power supplies that offer 15V to 24V isolated input and output DC voltage. Over current protection circuits are built in.

GAU208P-15252 Universal Gate Drive Prototype Board    DataSheet

Gate Driver: VLA567-01RR (Built in DCDC converter) size: 73 x 110 x23t

  • Built in 2 gate drive circuits
  • Low Height, DIP structure
  • Built in isolated type DC-DC converter for gate drive
  • Output peak current is +/-8A(max)
  • Built in short circuit protection
  • Electrical isolation voltage is 2500Vms (for 1 minute)
  • CMOS compatible input interface
  • Adjustable fall time on activity of short circuit protection
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