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Discrete Rectifier Discrete Thyristor

General Purpose Stud Diode Line-Up

Discrete Rectifiers - General Purpose - Stud

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Part NumberVoltageCurrentPolarity
Up to 1200V
R510--10XXWA100 - 1200100Forward
R511--10XXWA100 - 1200100Reverse
R510--15XXWA100 - 1200150Forward
R511--15XXWA100 - 1200150Reverse
R610--20XXYZ100 - 1200200Forward
R611--20XXYZ100 - 1200200Reverse
R610--25XXYZ100 - 1200250Forward
R611--25XXYZ100 - 1200250Reverse
R610--30XXYZ100 - 1200300Forward
R611--30XXYZ100 - 1200300Reverse
Up to 1600V
R500--10XXWA200 - 1600100Forward
R501--10XXWA200 - 1600100Reverse
R500--15XXWA200 - 1600150Forward
R501--15XXWA200 - 1600150Reverse
R700--05XXUA200 - 1600550Forward
R701--05XXUA200 - 1600550Reverse
Up to 2600V
R600--20XXYA100 - 2600200Forward
R601--20XXYA100 - 2600200Reverse
R600--25XXYA100 - 2600250Forward
R601--25XXYA100 - 2600250Reverse
R600--30XXYA100 - 2600300Forward
R601--30XXYA100 - 2600300Reverse
R700--04XXUA200 - 2600450Forward
R701--04XXUA200 - 2600450Reverse
Up to 4500V
R700--03XXUA200 - 4400300Forward
R701--03XXUA200 - 4400300Reverse
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