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Commercial / Moisture Resistant / Hermetic

Dedicated to the task of providing cost-effective solutions to complex semiconductor applications, Powerex also offers custom module solutions in addition to its standard module offering (see IGBT and SiC products).

Powerex SiC Training Seminar
SiC Training Seminar

This Powerex online training seminar provides an overview of silicon carbide technology, including a comparison of this new technology versus traditional silicon modules. An introduction to the new Powerex Gen II SiC MOSFET and Si/SiC hybrid modules is also provided.

For more information:
phone: 724-925-7272, Option 3 (Applications Engineering Assistance)

  • Voltage: 30V to 15,000V
  • Current: 50A to 1500A
  • Applications Include:

    • Customer Specific


    • Standard IGBT Cases
    • Picture Frame
    • Custom Development for Both Plastic and Hermetic Packages


    • Alumina
    • Aluminum Nitride
    • BeO
    • IMS

    Die Technology:

    • IGBT
    • MOSFET
    • Diode
    • SCR
    • FR Diode
    • SiC MOSFET
    • GTO
    • SiC Diode
    • HVIGBT