• Inverters
  • High frequency power supplies
  • AC servo systems
  • Welding
  • Induction heating
  • General industrial use
  • Prototyping & production

Product Advantages
  • Reduce engineering design time and expense by utilizing proven gate drive designs.
  • Compact designs save costly space in circuit layouts.
  • Built in, isolated DC-to-DC converters included on most gate drivers.
  • Gate drive solutions designed specifically to work with your Powerex modules.

Gate Driver Solutions and Development Kits

Powerex provides a variety of gate drivers and accessory components to simplify your power semiconductor development. This includes:

  • Gate Drivers – Power amplifiers that take signal-level control input and create the desired gate drive output for power transistors. They provide optically isolated control signals to the power transistors which demand higher voltage and current than can be provided by a 5V logic control signal. Built-in desaturation protection is included on most types.
  • DC-DC Converters – On board power supplies that offer 15V and 24V isolated input and output DC voltage. Over current protection circuits are built in.
  • Plug & Play Drivers – Completely populated gate driver boards designed to drive specific modules or IGBT packages.
  • Prototype Development Kits – Complete gate drive circuits designed for use with IGBT models intended to shorten prototype build time, not for commercial production use.

Plug & Play Driver Solutions

VLA536-01R, 101mm x 65mm

VLA553-01R, 143mm x 110mm
VLA553-02R, 143mm x 110mm

IGBT & MOSFET Driver - Development Kit Compatibilty

VLA500K-01R, 83mm x 33mm
VLA502-01, 83mm x 33mm
VLA513-01, 47mm x 27mm
VLA542-01R, 44mm x 26mm
VLA552-01R, 88mm x 42.5mm
VLA567-01R, 62mm x 48mm

*Development kits are intended to shorten prototype build time, not for commercial use.

IPM - Development Kits

BP7B-LS, 63mm x 102mm

BP6A-L, 80mm x 140mm

BP2B-V, 76.2mm x 76.2mm

*Development kits are intended to shorten prototype build time, not for commercial use.

Accessory Part Number and IC Type

VLA606-01R, 86mm x 31mm

VLA106-15151, 33mm x 24mm
VLA106-24151, 33mm x 24mm
VLA106-24154, 33mm x 24mm

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