• General purpose drives
  • HVAC fans and compressors
  • Robotics
  • Pumps
  • Servo / motion controls

Product Advantages

  • Reduce total system cost via integrated converter and brake circuitry within a minimally expanded footprint compared to Version 6 Large DIPIPMs
  • Convenient pinout for easy and logical PCB layout and wiring pattern design
  • Optimized device characteristics and short internal wiring patterns reduce electro-magnetic noise
  • Complete evaluation board is available!


Incorporating all of the advantages of other Mitsubishi DIPIPMs, the DIPIPM™+ integrates a three-phase converter and optional brake circuit simplifying the design of low power inverters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. In addition to the integrated converter and brake portions, the inverter section, equivalent to the Version 6 Large DIPIPM family, includes many useful features such as a highly accurate, linear analog temperature output, protection functions, and built-in bootstrap diodes with current limiting resistors. This enables a complete, compact, and reliable solution for designers.

Simplified Block Diagram

DIPIPM+ Package

Product Line-Up
PSS05MC1FT, CIB IPM, 1200V, 5A
PSS10MC1FT, CIB IPM, 1200V, 10A
PSS15MC1FT, CIB IPM, 1200V, 15A
PSS25MC1FT, CIB IPM, 1200V, 25A
PSS35MC1FT, CIB IPM, 1200V, 35A
PSS35NC1FT, CIB IPM, 1200V, 35A
PSS50MC1F6, CIB IPM, 600V, 50A

PSS35NC1FT-"N" indicates part without brake circuit

DIPIPM+ Evaluation Board

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