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Position TitleElectronic Repair Technician
Job SummaryPRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Repair, service and maintain a variety of complex electrical or electronic laboratory equipment such as that described in item #1 of the working procedure. Perform development work on assembly of electronic laboratory equipment.

1. Perform detailed repair of complex electronic meters and equipment such as: nonlinear systems – D.C. Digital Voltmeter, HP Bolometer, Tektronix Square Wave Generator and Constant Amplitude Generator, Dumont Pulse Generators, and Bontoon- FMAM Generator, Univerter, 80 KC to 30 Meg modulated 400 and 1000 cycle generators. Such repairs are done in accordance with manufacturers instructions and/or prior experience in the field of electronic repair.
2. Perform periodic inspection and calibration of complex commercial electronic equipment and engineering designed equipment such as switching time testers, power testers, thermal impedance testers, and frequency cutoff testers. Construct from schematic standards to be used in checking the above testers.
3. Fabricate items of electronic equipment such as chassis, test panels, test fixtures and experimental apparatus, utilizing Model shop machine tools as necessary.
4. Perform mechanical repair of meters and instruments. Repair includes such operations as replacing face glass, changing needles and springs and calculating and changing voltmeter and ammeter shunts.
5. Calibrate precision voltage and current meters and issue to engineering personnel as requested.
6. Meet with field representatives from various equipment companies to see and discuss the latest changes and modifications in electronic laboratory equipment.
7. Prepare and maintain records of service performed on all laboratory equipment, listing the symptoms and corrective action taken.
8. Maintain a clean and orderly work area.
9. Perform work of a similar or less complex nature as directed.

SCOPE, PURPOSE AND FREQUENCY OF CONTACTS: Frequent contact with engineers and technicians to exchange information requiring some explanation concerning equipment performance, calibration results and preventative maintenance.
Occasional contact with field representatives from various equipment companies to discuss new or changed electronic laboratory equipment.

DIRECTION OF OTHERS: Provide technical information to lower classified personnel.

DIRECTION RECEIVED: Work under normal supervision on regular duties and receive technical information from higher classified personnel. Receive detailed instruction on new work.

PREREQUISITES: High School graduate of an academic program with additional training sufficient to technical field.
Post high school completion of an accredited industrial electronics program.

Five years experience in repair and calibration of electronic equipment.

AWSE Union Position.
Salary range: $37,732.36 to $48,530.16

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