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Job Number1129
Position TitleDevelopment Engineer
LocationYoungwood, PA
Job DescriptionPRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Designs and develops mechanical and electrical components, equipment, systems, and products by performing the following duties:

• Analyzes data to determine feasibility of product proposal
• Generates Computer models of products or systems using appropriate computer software and techniques. (e.g. 3D CAD systems, schematic capture systems, C or Visual Basic Programs, etc.)
• Analyzes Computer models of products or systems either by hand or via appropriate computer software and techniques. (e.g. Finite Element Analysis (FEA), SPICE, C or Visual Basic Programs, etc.)
• Interprets results of Analysis and makes recommendations internally, or to the customer where appropriate.
• Prepares or directs preparation of product or system layout and detailed drawings and schematics.
• Directs and coordinates manufacturing or building of prototype product or system
• Selects Vendors and Negotiates prices for Engineering contract services (e.g. CAD / drafting services, FEA analysis, etc.), prototype and production parts
• Prepares patent disclosures
• Writes technical articles for publication
• Writes technical reports on work done.
• Presents work orally to customers or other technical or non-technical audiences.
• Must be able to read written English.
• Must be able to clearly speak English.
• Must be able to clearly write letters, emails, and work instructions in English.

• Makes frequent contacts with customers to clarify engineering data on orders
• Makes frequent contact with other engineers and technicians to share engineering data and ideas
• Makes regular contact with vendors to select vendors and negotiate prices for services or parts.
• Makes occasional contacts with company representatives, manufacturing personnel, purchasing, etc. to furnish and gather data to accomplish the assigned duties.

• Gives technical direction to other engineers and technicians as required.
• Directs vendors as required.
• Directs Clerical personnel as required.

• Works under general supervision
• Independently plans and organizes work to arrive at a satisfactory solution

• BS degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Material Science or equivalent experience
• Must have basic mathematical skills
• Must have a basic knowledge of calculus
• Must be able to comprehend the basic mathematical structure underlying the various computer models.

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