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Position TitleElectrician HVAC Maintenance
LocationYoungwood, PA
DescriptionPRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Install, maintain, and repair all plant electrical equipment and components, and building heating and cooling systems with their associated electronic controls.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: As required to perform the job(s) outlined in the primary functions section of this job description.

MATERIAL: Plant facilities and equipment, motors, motor starters, switches, lighting panels, conduit and wire taps, insulating paints and varnishes, conduit fittings and junction boxes, electrical fixtures, tapes and fuses, power saws, electrical hand drills, etc..

DIRECTION OF OTHERS: Direct efforts of equal or lower classified personnel on jobs where assistance is required. Provide training and sharing of information as required to other associates.

1 . Receive written and oral instructions from supervisor or other designated professional.
2. Repair the Plant electrical and HVAC systems.
3. Install electrical equipment such as R.F. generators, welders, ovens, furnaces, and machine tools, including point to point wiring; working from drawings, sketches and schematic diagrams.
4. Analyze material requirements and order materials from the storeroom.
5. Make determination of conductor and breaker size requirements where not specified and install same.
6. Repair electrical equipment, usually by replacement of parts. Repair electric motors.
7. Repair and perform routine maintenance on controls for the Plant heating and cooling systems.
8. Make repairs to the Plant boiler control and refrigeration control systems.
9. Under supervision of plant engineer(s), perform maintenance of substation equipment including high voltage transformers, switch gear, circuit breakers, tap changers, etc.
10. Maintain a clean and orderly work area.

Journeyman's certificate as an electrician or equivalent or successful completion of a 4-year training program plus 2 years' experience as an electrician where employee becomes experienced in specialized building requirements. HVAC certification desirable, but not required.

7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
22.66 hr - 27.17 hr


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