IGBT Assemblies (POW-R-PAKs) depicted include: Half Bridge, H-Bridge, Buck/Boost, Three-Phase Bridge, Converter/Inverter, Dual Inverter, Chopper, configurable IGBT-based power assemblies, power conversion applications, high performance IGBT bridge, heatsink with an interface and driver circuit, integrated fault detection, feedback circuits

IGBT Assemblies


Powerex can assist you with all of your IGBT and IGBT assembly needs. Our IGBT solutions include configurable IGBT power assemblies, POW-R-PAKs™, for applications including motor drives, industrial power supplies and more. Powerex is your IGBT source.
Applications Include:
  • Energy Storage
  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • Motor Drives
  • Power Quality
Additional Available Options
  • Blower/Fan
  • Converter/Inverter
  • Diode or SCR
  • Dual Inverter or Converter
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