IGBT Assemblies (POW-R-PAKs) depicted include: Half Bridge, H-Bridge, Buck/Boost, Three-Phase Bridge, Converter/Inverter, Dual Inverter, Chopper, configurable IGBT-based power assemblies, power conversion applications, high performance IGBT bridge, heatsink with an interface and driver circuit, integrated fault detection, feedback circuits

IGBT Assemblies


Voltage: 250V to 3300V
Current: 50A to 2800A

Powerex can assist you with all of your IGBT and IGBT assembly needs. Our IGBT solutions include configurable IGBT power assemblies, POW-R-PAKs™, for applications including motor drives, industrial power supplies and more. Powerex is your IGBT source.
Applications Include:
  • Energy Storage
  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • Motor Drives
  • Power Quality
Additional Available Options
  • Blower/Fan
  • Converter/Inverter
  • Diode or SCR
  • Dual Inverter or Converter
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